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Desert milk containing filling ”Toffee”

The significance of the milk containing filling is that Toffee extra consists of accurate picked up recipe and technological peculiarities of  the manufacturing. 

Researched by the prominent technologists of the company, it has with the following significant features:

  • Elastic soft structure,
  • Surface glance;
  • Perfectly keeps the form;
  • Keeps the stable structure and doesn’t floats;
  • Dosing friendly.  
Toffee extra produced by August TM is totally new product from technological point of view, this fact is certified from the positive customers feedback. It is ideally suits for the usage on the automatic lines.It is recommended for the cream production as during the whipping the water is not spreaded.
Solely due to stable structure and convenience of dosing, perfectly suits for the mass production of the confectionaries as a filling.

Package: corrugated box with PE-RT liner 12 kg
Shelf life - 6 months