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Gels for decorating (Dekogels)

Dekogels are widely used in decoration of cakes and puff pastry. Recommended for drawing and labeling, including vertical.
Name of decogel
Decogel Neutral  hot application
Decogel Neutral
Decogel White
Decogel with caramel flavor
Decogel with chocolate flavor
Decogel with cherry flavor
Decogel with apricot flavor 
Decogel with strawberry flavor
Decogel with banana flavor
Decogel with Lemon flavor
Decogel with raspberry flavor
Decogel with pistachio flavor

Dekogel is ready to use without preparation:
  • Provides excellent shine, creating a glance effect;
  • Quickly solidifies on the surface;
  • Decors and appetizes the product;
  • Prevents drying of the surface;
  • Demonstrates the stability of the shape and tincture;
  • Holds moisture well;
  • Retains its properties after freezing and thawing;
  • Simple and easy to use;
Dekogel applied on the finished confectionery product using the tools is possible to apply both cold and hot. Also used in coating the spherical surface and the vertical. A wide range of fruit flavors and colors, including neutral and white.

Shelf life - 180 days (from the date of manufacture).