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Poppy seeds filling

Poppy seeds filling from August TM  is popular among the clients as quality and trusted product.
Ready to use poppy seeds filling from August TM is characterizes with the following distinguishing features:
  • Natural black color;
  • Rich surface glance;
  • Dry substance content;
  • Contains no starch;
  • Used only premium grade poppy seeds with no admixture;
  • No bitter taste;
  • Thermo stable, doesn’t flow out while baking.
For the manufacturing used only premium grade poppy seeds, which passes through the careful inspection.
Poppy seeds filling from August TM is widely used for the manufacturing of the vast assortment confectionaries: cookies, puff pastries, gingerbreads, muffin, and cakes.

Package: Corrugated box with PE-RT inner
Shelf life: 3 months