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Fruit fillings with fruits or diced fruits

High quality product containing up to 80% of fruits, has soft tincture.
Under the high temperature influence (220-240C) the filling is not boiling and doesn’t flow out, with a glance surface. Mainly used as a filling for the cakes and decorated cakes.
Filling name Percentage of diced fruits 
Apricot  50%
Mango  50%
Orange  70%
Lemon peel  50%
Black currant  50%
Cherry 70%
Pineapple 50%
Pineapple with melon flavor 50%
Cranberry 50%


Solids contain not less than 30%
Package: corrugated box with p/e insert 12 kg
Shelf life - 6 months.


Distinctive features of the fruit fillings with fruit pieces from August TM:

  • Full flavor and aroma;
  • Content of natural fruits up to 70%;
  • Good keeping moisture while storage;
  • Possibility to use before and after the baking;
  • Bright brilliance even after the baking;
  • Possibility to use as an intermediate product for the manufacturing of creams, deserts, layers;
  • Soft and tender consistency.