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Fruit jelly fillings

Jelly filling from August TM are not enduring the baking process with the product, but injected into the product or sprayed on the surface after the baking process. The fillings are mechanical affects resistant, they have heavy consistency and high viscosity, highly distinctive organoleptical properties, good keeping form.
The vast appliance of the jelly fillings is sticking the cookies together.
The usage in the production of the best raw materials and ingredients guarantees the best and stable quality of August TM jelly fillings.

We are introducing the wide range of flavors:
  • Apricot;
  • Cherry;
  • Peach;
  • Strawberry;
  • Black currant;
  • Raspberry;
  • Forest berries.
Package: Corrugated box with PE-RT inner
Shelf life: 6 months