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Cottage cheese filling

Thermo stable milk contained cream filling with cottage cheese flavor from August TM is finished intermediate product  is used for the manufacturing of wide range of products, which are demanding the heat processing. 

It is the product which  helps to reduce the costs because there is no need for some additional preparations or adding eggs and sugar.

Distinctive features of the cream filling:

  • soft plastic mixture, curdy tincture

  • easy dosing and well pasting

  • exception of moisture movement into the product

  • exception of shrinking of the surface

  • after the heat processing the product keeps its succous and sweet curdy-vanilla taste, that resembles the cottage cheese mass

 The cream filling is ideal with shortbread, puff, shortening and other types of pastries.
The weight content of solids: not less than 57% 
Recommended temperature profile: 200-220C, 15-20 minutes 
Package: Carton  box with PE-RT inner 
Shelf life: 21 days