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Confectionary coatings

Confectionary coatings from August TM are produced on the modern equipment as monolith 15 kg bricks, or as a drops (chips) in carton boxes 12 kg. In production process are used only high quality fats and cocoa. Strict conformance of the technical processes that guarantees the high and stable quality.
Manufacturing of the confectionary glazes was certified with HACCP in accordance with all requirements of the  ISO 2200:2007 standards


Distinctive features of the confectionary coatings produced by TM August:

  • Rich chocolate flavor release;
  • Excellent gloss appeal;
  • Oxidation resistant guarantees longer products shelf life;
  • Strictly determined melting point;
  • Short melt down profile;
  • Short melting down and encrustation times;
  • Rancidification resistance and singnificant bloom resistence;
  • Great sensory properties total absence of the soapy taste;
  • Used only high quality healthy brand fats and cocoa powder;
  • Wide assortment range;       
  • Possibility to create the individual flexible recipe under customers demands with tailormade properties .
Usage of the confectionary compound coatings allows to produce the not only the delicate product with rich flavor release but to guarantee its stability during the transportation and storing, increasing the products shelf life period.


Types of glazes for confectionery

  Lauric Coatings Non-lauric coatings
Dark coatings № 321, 321/1, 322, 326 №221
White coatings № 301, 302, 306 №201
Milk coatings №311  

Possible difficulties with the confectionery compound coatings appliance

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