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Offers for Distributing branches

August TM is opened to expand its distributors net.

Requirements to Distributor:

  • Active sales availability in the segment of the food ingredients.
  • Developed distribution channels, experience and developed net in particular region.
  • Developed logistics: presence of the warehouses and the transport for the consumer delivery. Presence of well qualified sales  personnel.
  • Good credit history and finance discipline.
  • Growth and develop motivations.
 Under the Distributive terms are meant the special prices, availability of shipping’s on terms of the consignment, and total sales support.

Distributors support comprises:

  • Total project technological start up support.
  • Participation in training seminars for the technologists.
  • Field coaching for the sales personnel.
  • Supporting with the promotional literature and free samples products.
  • Logistics support and on time cyclic storage.
  • Loyal programmes for the distributors.
  • Cooperative advertising efforts.
  • To become distributor is easy, just call your regional manager.