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Coatings for the confectionary

Coatings for the confectioneries

These coatings (masses) are produced on the base of lauric and non-lauric vegetable fats: dark ( based on  cocoa products ) milk (based on the cocoa and milk products) and white (based on  the milk products).Also there is an opportunity to produce the color range coatings with wide variety of flavors.

This group of the Chocolate compounds is easy to be processed:

●  tempering is not required (inspite of Chocolate)
● mixing other type of fats is not required
● shows excellent storing results as intermediate product and with the coated products in terms adequate shelf conditions
Have to admit it is not applicable to mix the coatings with the high moisture components and water directly.Increasing the level of moisture content in the coatings may lead not only to the loose of some sensory properties but  also  to some bacteriological risks.
Recommended parameters for the processing with these coatings(masses) on the enrobing machines:
Processing temperature for the lauric compounds Processing temperature for the non-lauric compounds Processing temperature for the lauric and non-lauric white compounds

40-45 °С

40-55 °С

38-48 °С
These parameters are not dogmatic and could be tailored made upon the parameters of the equipment or products to be moulded or enrobed.For the lauric group compounds it is recommended the shock cooling in this case the product will obtain the excellent glossy appearance, for perfect enjoyment by the con­sumer.

These group of coatings is manufactured in shape of drops(chips) and packed in carton boxes with PE-Rt inner 12kg. It is possible to pack product as monolith blocks 12 kg.