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About us

The Company ТМ AUGUST is a Ukrainian wide assortment manufacturer of the food ingredients for the confectionery, bakery, dairy and ice cream industries. The August company was founded in 1998 basing its underlying concepts on the European standards to the mass production of high quality food ingredients. Today we are the modern high-tech company equipped with ah the latest high technology branded equipment.

Expert staff have achieved the consistent high quality production, which was successfully certified in the 2013 with НАССР in accordance with all requirements of ISO 22000:2007. The product line extends for more than 80 products in 9 key-groups like: confectionery coatings, fillings, fruit and milk-containing cream fillings, condensed milk, decogels and etc. The company is acknowledged leader as a manufacturer of thermostable fillings for bakery and confectionery industries. And is actively upgrading the products line maintaining our outmost philosophy of the application only sustainably-sourced and organic ingredients.

TM August is rapidly developing company, appraising the care for customers. We are providing the full servicing customer support starting from the products introduction and up to the researches of the individually demanded products. On the product introductions phase we are supplying the free samples for lab testings, while our experienced technologists will help to work off all recipes of the end product and to launch the mass production. All the products are supported with necessary documents in accordance with legislation of Ukraine.